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Keidra Burrell lives in Pine Bluff with her husband, Dr. Roy Burrell, and their three children. The Burrell Family attends New Life Church, Pine Bluff.  Keidra is a successful attorney whose past practice includes contract law, environmental law, and Native American law.

Keidra is in the fight for South Arkansas. Families in South Arkansas simply can't afford healthcare or prescription drugs. Many of District 27's residents live over an hour away from the nearest health provider, and our neighbors deserve better.

Keidra owns multiple childcare businesses, and she sees firsthand that meaningful investments in pre-K for every child in Arkansas would empower working families and even the playing field for children who are being left behind. Keidra knows we need rural economic development, higher wages for workers, and tax breaks for small businesses.

Keidra wants to rebuild South Arkansas's roads and schools, and she knows we need a more resilient post-COVID regional economy.


02 on the issues

  • Rural economic development & more resilient post-COVID economy

  • Tax relief for families with kids in need of pre-K services


  • Higher teacher pay, more classroom resources, smaller class sizes, and better outcomes

  • Expand the Arkansas Works Medicaid Expansion to keep rural health centers & hospitals open

  • Lower prescription drugs cost

  • Investments in roads and broadband for South Arkansas